Full Schedule of Louisville Area Online Meetings:

  • This is a Zoom meeting that has been running since the pandemic started. it runs 24 hr a day 7 days a week. We have a great mix of day counters and long term sobriety. The formats change throughout the day. To get access to the meeting you go to the web page “aahomegroup.org” and hit the blue “CURRENT MEETING” button in the center of the page.

Zoom Meeting Hosts: With the recent incidents of “Zoom Bombing” we encourage you to enable additional features to help prevent disruptions to your meetings. These articles from Cornell University  & Business Insider cover basic features to enable. We now also recommend that you turn the CHAT functionality off and disable users to be able to unmute themselves once the meeting starts. Have your HOST CONTROL PANNEL open and ready to remove someone if they display inappropriate behavior. For more information please contact web@louisvilleaa.org.

For questions on how to obtain passwords for meetings that are not listed please call Central Office: 502-582-1849

These types of remote/virtual meeting systems are new to us in the Louisville area & we are constantly evolving to adjust. We are doing all we can, as fast as we can to be of service to our AA family during this challenging time. Please consider reaching out to those you know who might be technologically challenged, less familiar with and/or unable to access Zoom and offer to help them out if you’re able.

Service keeps us sober! Thank you – Mike Thompson, Webmaster

Meetings of AA hosted on Zoom: You may use the Zoom app on your mobile device or desktop to join the meeting and be interactive. Zoom also offers call in phone numbers to dial into the meeting via phone without video conferencing. See Zoom instructions below.